Oak Memorial Plaque (Two Spaces)


Customisable Oak Memorial Plaque which can house the cremated remains of two loved ones.

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Make A Personalised Oak Memorial Plaque

Customise our personalised Oak Memorial Plaque with any message and design. This high quality wooden plaque is able to house two keepsake samples of the remains of two loved ones and ensures their memory shines on brightly as a result.


The personalised text and template comes in a black print which truly compliments the Oak itself. Finally, the wood has a golden shine to it which makes it resonate within any area.


Evergreen Memories – Memories That Last Forever


Please note that this Walnut Memorial Plaque contains space to house two sets of a sample of a treasured one’s remains.

If you would like an Oak Memorial Plaque that only houses one sample set of remains please click here >


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